Touched by an Alien
(copyright:  April 2010)

Marketing manager Katherine “Kitty” Katt is leaving the Pueblo Caliente (AZ) courthouse after being released early from jury duty when she witnesses a fender bender that takes a horrific turn:  the driver of one of the cars involved transforms into a being with six foot wings, edged with blades.  When this being shoots the blades, causing death, mayhem and destruction, Kitty leaps--literally-- into action.  She notices a strange, throbbing jellyfish-like creature on the being’s back and slams her Mont Blanc pen (a gift from her father) into the jelly fish creature, killing it.  Hey, a girl has to work with what she has at hand, doesn’t she?

So begins the adventure that transforms Kitty’s life, taking her from marketing manager to superbeing exterminator and dropping her into the arms Jeffrey “Jeff” Martini, who is handsome, sexy, and, oh, whose family isn’t from Earth.  (The double heartbeat kind of gave that away.)

Along the way, Kitty learns secrets that her parents having been keeping from her, foils plots that have world-wide implications, and falls in love with her own super-empath.  Armed with her iPod, a bottle of Extra-Hold hairspray and her mother’s Glock, Kitty’s ready to do battle with anything.

All in a day’s work, right?