Characters & More

Or, as we like to say around here.... "The Good, The Bad and the Fugly"

Again, these are organized by book..... and as details are learned about characters, they'll be added when they happen--so if you haven't read a book, don't check out that books post!

Touched by An Alien

The Humans:

Katherine “Kitty” Katt:  Marketing manager from Pueblo Caliente, AZ.    Daughter of Angela and Sol Katt.  Approximately 5’5” to 5’7’.  Twenty-seven years old.  Comics geek girl.  Her favorite band is Aerosmith.  Meets up with the crew from A-C when she kills her first super-being.  Intelligent, but also very dense (per her mother).  Quickly sees what needs to be done and takes charge.

Angela Maria Fiore Katt:  Kitty’s mother.  Only non-Jew, non-Israeli member of Mossad.  Retired from Mossad and became the Head of the P.T.C.U (Presidential Terrorism Control Unit).  Kitty believes that her mother is a consultant, but doesn’t realize that she consults on counter-terrorism matters to large corporations.  Met Sol Katt when she was assigned to a protection detail for him and his group of graduate students by Mossad while Sol was in Tel Aviv. 

Solomon “Sol” Katt:  Kitty’s father.  History professor at Arizona State University.  Unbeknownst to Kitty, he’s also a cryptographer for NASA in their Extraterrestrial Division.  Met Angela Maria Fiore Katt while he was a graduate student in Tel Aviv.  Very eco-friendly.

James Reader:  Former top male model in that controversial Calvin Klein campaign.  Left modeling when a super-being manifested on a shoot, although the official story is that he walked away.  Pilot and driver for Alpha Team.  Gay and in a relationship with Paul Gower.  Person Kitty relates to the most.  Also interested in comic books and helps Kitty to transition to her new life.

Tim:  Member of Alpha Team.  Pilot and driver.  Kitty isn’t sure at first if she likes or trusts Tim, but when their SUV is blown up by a bomb, she realizes that he couldn’t be one of the ones betraying the A-Cs.

Charles “Chuckie” Reynolds:  one of Kitty’s best friends from 9th grade.  Both attended ASU.  His ringtone on Kitty’s phone is Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend.”  Jeff identifies him as “the competition.”  Nicknamed “Conspiracy Chuck” in high school.

Uncle Mort:  Sol’s brother.  High ranking Marine officer.  Sol threatens to call him in to get Kitty away from “Homeland Security” after she kills her first super-being.

Mr. Nareema (and family):  Kitty’s landlords.  From an undisclosed war-torn country.  Very paranoid.  Conducts fire drills and insists that all pets are gotten out of the apartment as well.  Their building is destroyed by Al Dejahl, while Christopher takes Kitty to get some of her things, but because Kitty pulls the fire alarm, no one (or their pet) dies.

The Pets

Dudley--Great Dane
Duke--black Lab
Duchess--Pit Bull.  A great favorite of the Dazzlers after she helps Kitty take down Al Dejahl terrorists.
Sugarfoot -- cat
Candy -- cat
Kane -- cat

The Flyboys

Lt. William Cox:  (Navy-Top Gun)  KIA when Mephistopheles batted his jet out of the air.  Kitty liked hime because he called her “ma’am.”

Capt. Jerry Tucker:  (Navy-Top Gun)  Talks Kitty and Christopher down.  Kitty claims that Jerry is “Jeff’s human counterpart.”  Reassigned to Kitty’s Airborne Division with orders to teach Kitty how to fly.

Capt. Randy Muir:  (Navy-Top Gun)  Pilot that got Claudia off of the Pachyderm.  Reassigned to Kitty’s Airborne Division.

Lt. Joe Billings:  (Navy-Top Gun)  Pilot that got Lorraine off of the Pachyderm.  Reassigned to Kitty’s Airborne Division.

Lt.  Chip Walker:  (Navy-Top Gun)  Approximately 25 years old.  Flies a jet that helped Kitty, Lorraine, Claudia and Alpha Team (Jeff, Christopher, Reader, and Tim) take down the super-beings Earwig, The Pachyderm, The Slug and the Serpent.

Capt. Matt Hughes:  (Navy-Top Gun)  Approximately 25 years old.  Flies a jet that helped Kitty, Lorraine, Claudia and Alpha Team (Jeff, Christopher, Reader and Tim) take down the super-beings Earwig, The Pachyderm, The Slug and the Serpent.

The Alpha Centaurions

Jeffrey “Jeff” Stuart Martini:  Nephew of Richard and Terry White.  Cousin of Christopher.  Over six feet tall, big and broad.  Light brown eyes, dark wavy hair.    Handsome.  Approximately thirty years old.  Lots of sisters.  Strongest Empath on Earth.  His talent manifested almost at birth, so he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle at a very young age.  Head of Field Operations.

Christopher White:  Approximately thirty years old.  Son of Richard and Terry White.  Cousin of Jeff Martini.  Head of Imageering.  Probably the most powerful Imageer on Earth.  Around 5’10”.  Straight brown hair.  Green eyes.  Slender, but clearly muscled.  Handsome, of course.  Only child.  Prone to glaring.

Richard White:  Sovereign Pontifex of the A-Cs on Earth.  Christopher’s father.  Terry White’s husband.  Jeff Martini’s uncle. Son of Ronald Yates. Took Terry’s  death very hard and hasn’t remarried.  Must approve potential recruits before they’re allowed to know who the Alpha Centaurions are.  Doesn’t have a talent.

Teresa “Terry” White:  Sovereign Pontifex Richard White’s wife.  Christopher White’s mother.  Jeff Martini’s aunt.  Before her mysterious death about twenty years ago, Terry White was the Head Diplomat for the Alpha Centaurions on Earth.  She was also a strong empath (a rare talent for an A-C female).  Programmed a “glowing cube” to help Jeff and Christopher grow stronger in their talents.  Implanted a command/memory in Jeff to “find the human girl whose fear and hatred of evil giver her courage.  You’re looking for a protector, Jeff.  Someone who can put her own safety aside to protect people she doesn’t even know.”

Claudia Balducci:  About Kitty’s age.  Long, flowing brown hair and big, brown eyes.  Works on the Exoskeleton Team, trying to figure out how super-beings manifest without killing the human host.  Later joins Kitty’s Airborne Division as a Field Agent.  Emily’s daughter.

Lorraine Colangelo:  A few years younger than Kitty.  Blonde.  A junior member of the Exoskeleton Team that is trying to figure out how super-beings manifest without killing the human host.  Later joins Kitty’s Airborne Division as a Field Agent.  Melanie’s daughter.

Melanie Colangelo:  Looks like a young Raquel Welch.  Lorraine’s mother.  Works on the Liaison Team that coordinates with Earth’s governments and scientific communities.

Emily Balducci:  Looks like a young Sophia Loren.  Claudia’s mother.  Works on the Liaison Team that coordinates with Earth’s governments and scientific communities. 

Ronald Yates:  AKA Ronaldo Al Dejahl.  Believed to be human, and one of the richest men in the world.  Made is fortune in the porn industry, went legitimate by becoming the head of one of the largest media empires.  Likes his women young.  In his seventies, but looks like he’s in his nineties.  Dying of an unspecified cancer that went into remission twenty years ago when he was joined by the parasitic Mephistopheles.  Ronald Yates was the former Sovereign Pontifex before the A-Cs left their home world.  Fanatical about his religion and the purity of his people, he was convicted of treason and sentenced to life on Earth before the rest of the A-Cs left.  His talent is a combination of Imageer and Empath.

Beverly:  Head of the Translation Team that is working on the text that the Ancients brought to help younger civilizations protect themselves from the parasitic super-beings. Is such a boring speaker that she nearly puts Kitty asleep during a briefing session (does put Lorraine and Claudia asleep).  Is Ronald Yates’ lover.  Betrays the A-Cs to the Al Dejahl terrorist organization.  Killed by Kitty with a baseball bat when Beverly threatens to kill Jeff and Christopher on Yates’ orders.

Lissa:  Dated both Jeff and Christopher, but preferred Christopher.  On her last date with Jeff, she was killed by Earwig on Mephistopheles’ orders.

The A-C/Human Hybrid

Paul Gower:  Cousin to Jeff and Christopher.  In a relationship with James Reader.  Head of Recruitment.  Big, bald, handsome with skin “the kind of black that looks almost ebony.”  His mother is an African-American human, and his father is an A-C.  His talent is Dream Reading

The Fuglies

Mephistopheles:  Alter-ego of Ronald Yates.  Both have similar plans, although Ronald Yates wants to destroy Earth, while Mephistopheles wants to rule it and change it “in his own image.”   Super-being in command of all other super-beings.  Easily twelve feet tall (but may be able to get even taller).  Resembles a huge faun, with a goat body for the lower half and a human torso and head.  Human arms, but his fingers end in claws.  Huge blood red bat wings.  Blood red curly hair covering his lower body.  Curling horns come out of his forehead.  Tried to “impregnate” Terry White twenty years ago.  Wants Jeff and Christopher dead because he sees them as impediments to his overall plan and knows that if they have children, especially with a human, their children could potentially be even more powerful.  Has chosen Kitty to be his “next vessel.”  His parasite hid behind his tonsils.  Vulnerable to alcohol.  Killed when Jeff bats a “ball” of a self-contained nuke and Everclear alcohol into his mouth.  Angela shoots the parasite before it can drop on Kitty, Claudia or Lorraine.

Earwig:  Twelve feet plus.  Huge ears that drape down the side of its head and touched the ground.  Green and scaly and looked like a really bad cross between a dinosaur and a caveman.  Had clawed hands.  His parasite hid in one of its ear canals.  Killed by Kitty when she shot the parasite.

The Pachyderm:  Had six huge feet.  It had a pinkish purple body and grotesquely rotund while it’s head a like an elephant’s but with no tusks or trunk.  Had fangs with a human-ish face.  Killed by the poison of the Serpent’s bite.

The Serpent:  Giant black snake with a caricature of a human face shoved onto the snake head.  Killed by boiling water.

Killer:  Giant stick bug with extra sticks.  Shoots poison from the end of every limb.  Killed by a combination of James driving an Humvee repeatedly into it, and bullets fired from a jet.

The Slug:  Looks like a giant slug.  Killed by ocean (salt) water and dry salt dropped on it by pilots.